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Tractor Summary

 Weight: ~5000 lbs

 Engine: Waukesha 4 1/4 x 6 3/4

†††††††††††††††††††† Possibly Rutenber 4 3/4 x 5 first?

 Mag: Remy?

 Carb: Kingston

 Serial Numbers: B ?-400?

Heider B 1911 - 1914

The Carroll Heider B could best be considered the production version of the A, the Aís design was simplified and refined and orders poured in. Improvements included a larger canopy and drivers platform and even more importantly, the single speed design of the A was replaced with a two disk friction drive ahead of the pinion gear instead of behind.


Another change was the engine.† Although the A had a rear mounted Rutenber engine, the B used a rear mounted Waukesha 4 cylinder 4 1/4 x 6 3/4, kicking off a relationship that would last for two and a half decades. In some sources, it is claimed a Rutenber engine was used; however Randy Kvill of Reynolds-Alberta confirmed their B -237 does have a Waukesha as shown in the catalogue.


The new transmission design and the upgraded engine led to an increase in horsepower, with Heider calling the B a four plow tractor. The horsepower rating however, was initially offered as 8-12 and was later upgraded to 9-16. Early Heider Bís used the same style of radiator as the Heider A, but later ads and photoís show a new radiator design. This may have occurred at the same time as the HP was rerated.


The catalogue Randy sent me from the Reynolds collection clearly shows mention of the Waukesha in 1912 but only listing the lower hp and the old style radiator. Photoís exist of Heider Bís pulling a 4 bottom plow, but no description of the actual soil conditions or plow size.


It is uncertain as to how many Heider Bís were actually built, nor exactly how the serial numbering went. According to John Heiderís research presented in Antique Power July 2004, The Heider Bís were sold through three main distributors:


Pioneer Implement Co. of Council Bluffs that purchased 19 tractors in 1912; 45 in 1913 and 10 in 1914 for a total of 74.


The LaCrosse Plow Co. purchased 1 tractor in 1912, 35 in 1913 and 8 in 1914 totaling 44. The LaCrosse Plow company also contracted with Heider to provide implements for the Heider.†


The LaCrosse Implement Co. bought 16 in 1913 and 10 in 1914 for a total of 26.


An additional estimated 79 including the 35 - 37 Aís were sold individually, advertise in North America and the UK. .Gilson Mfg of Guelph, Ontario served as the Canadian distributor.†


In 1914 the Heiderís entered into an agreement with the Rock Island Plow Co. already at work on the Heider Cís, the last 36 of the Heider Bís were delivered to the Rock Island Plow Co. in the first months of 1915. Poor sales in 1914 prompted a steep price cut from the listed $1400 to $995, which was supposedly a mere $100 over production cost.


According to Randy Kvill, the Reynolds Heider was purchased† by Stan Reynolds in the late 1950ís from the original owner, who had bought it new and brought it into Canada when he immigrated from the U.S.† Randy believes that† B237 may be a 1912 model based on the accompanying literature and that serial numbering may not have been sequential starting at 1; instead possibly starting at 100 or† some other number or perhaps jumping to 100 on transition to the B. .


At this time, only two other Heider Bís are confirmed, one now in a private collection in New York (pictured below). A second B is in Iowa and was seen a few years ago at Mt. Pleasant. I do not know if it is running, but it is externally restored and bears the LaCross name on the radiator. All three bear the early style radiator.† According to sale bills, a very early Heider was sold at the Earl Marhenka sale in 1991 and another early Heider was sold at the Oscars Dreamland sale. I do not know if these are all the same tractors?†

HP first as 8-12 later as 9-16

Heider B at Mt. Pleasant Old Threshers (Courtesy of Stubert) Note the LaCrosse Plow Co on the side of the radiator indicating it was one of the 44 recorded sold to LaCrosse.

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†Right: From Hoffmanís 94 AP article, a B on display for sale

Above & right: Heider B in private collection in New York.


Heider B catalogue courtesy of the Reynolds-Alberta Museum. Click to open.

Below: last of the Heider Bís

Note the Radiator and reduced price


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Below: Heider B at Reynolds -Alberta Museum;† Alberta, Canada

Below: Heider B at Mt. Pleasant Old Threshers (Courtesy of Stubert)

Below left: Heider B and Heider C at Mt Pleasant (Courtesy of Stubert)†††

Below right: Heider Bís on the plow, Hoffman AP Ď04†